5-Tiles Speeds Up Rollout and Moves to Free Model

With the increased interest of smartwatches, specifically following the announcement of the Apple Watch, new user interface design concepts must be developed. 5-Tiles has lead novel design in perhaps one of the toughest interface issues – keyboards. A smaller screen simply is not conducive to the traditional QWERTY lay out.


CEO Michal Kubacki shows 5-TILES to Prime Minister David Cameron and to Germany's Angela Merkel. Source: 5-Tiles.

CEO Michal Kubacki shows 5-TILES to Prime Minister David Cameron and to Germany’s Angela Merkel.
Source: 5-Tiles.


5-Tiles this week announced that they are speeding up their development into official beta in order to satiate the demand for new keyboard options, prompted most heavily by iOS 8’s 1 million + downloads and availability for third party keyboards.


Perhaps most exciting is that the version 3.0 of the 5-Tiles keyboard will now also be free! After thousands of downloads of its first prototype, the 5-Tiles team has used those interactions to not only remove the price barrier, but also to improve upon the product’s features. The newest version includes a fully alphabetical layout, improved design, and is engineered for specifically for touch screens of all sizes – most exciting to us, smartwatches (presently for those on Android or Tizen).


The 5-Tiles Keyboard on the I'm Watch.  Source: 5-Tiles.

The 5-Tiles Keyboard on the I’m Watch.
Source: 5-Tiles.


The new keyboard also includes an improved learning mode to better teach new users on how to most efficiently use their 5-Tiles keyboards, which is controlled through a series of taps and swipes. A clickable “cheat sheet” of sorts also helps users find punctuation and symbols, and teaches through animated examples.


The new free app gives users access to the features previously restricted to the PRO version without any additional cost. You can download the app for free on Google Play.


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