Aria allows you to control your smartwatch hands-free

A device for your device, Aria (“air” in Italian) is a clip-on band developed for completely hands-free smartwatch use. Compatible with only the Android Wear and Pebble Time smartwatches so far, the user configures Aria’s companion app to control the watch through hand gestures. Think finger tapping, wrist flicking, balling up your hand into a fist, etc.

The idea is that gesture control frees up your hands for other activities. “It will make technology seem like a natural extension of your body,” states the company’s website.

The most affordable Pebble Time option is expected to retail at $69. Because the band was initially purpose-built for this product, it connects directly to the watch. Android Wear users will have to splurge an additional $100 for their module, which also requires an independent battery and a constant Bluetooth connection. No plans for the Apple Watch in the works yet, which may either spell doom for the band or success for Pebble and Android.

It will come down to product efficiency if nothing else. We have seen previous wearable devices fail due to lack of ease before, and the bands “minimal design, almost invisible” aesthetic does not make it an exception. Aria is scheduled to hit Kickstarter sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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