ASUS teases second smartwatch, ditches Android Wear

ASUS showed off its new VivoWatch, a smartwatch focused on fitness and health, at the 2015 Milan Design Week. It may be the company’s second smartwatch (the ASUS ZenWatch was well-received in 2014 and continues to be popular), but it’s the first not to use the Android Wear operation system.

Most likely, it will run Microsoft Windows, just like its VivoBook and VivoTab products.


To reinforce the fitness and health angle, the ASUS VivoWatch includes a heart rate monitor and sensors for activity and sleep tracking, all of which are located on the back of the timepiece. It’s also dustproof and waterproof.

The watch also has a power-saving mode which changes the display into gray scale. The long lasting battery life is on par with Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel (7 – 10+ days), and offers far more use than the Apple Watch’s measly 18 hours.

ASUS has proven itself in the smartwatch market already, so they just may have another success on their hands. More details about the VivoWatch are expected to come in over the next few days.

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  • Michael Bourke

    An exciting proposition . Asus have stepped up their game in recent times. I am also excited about the Vector watch as well, promising 30 days of battery life. At $349.00 for the round or $199.00 for the rectangular version, competitive to say the least.

  • jrkraft

    I like the visual to a certain point but ASUS as a company, I am not sure if they are not just another also ran in the Wearables space. It feels like many companies might just be picking from the Foxconn menu and saying sure give me some wearables. I really hated my moto-360 watch at first but after a bit I really appreciated the android wear system. I think android wear is wear its at and departures from it better be amazing or its a bridge to no-where.