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  • Rob Luton

    Nice design!

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  • Rob

    I really like this one.

  • Rob Luton

    I cannot wait.

  • Orion

    Can’t wait. This is gonna be awesome.

  • Joe Contreras Jr

    The design of this watch is sleek and sexy. It looks fantastic with dressy attire! The cord that came with the watch was too short and the user interface of the watch was a pain to navigate. Dragging from the top of the watch took multiple attempts to properly function. Getting to main functions of the watch were not easily accessible (settings,etc)The screen itself is large enough to easily review what is on screen but not so big that it becomes a physical irritant or an eyesore. I despised having to download the Asus ZenWatch manager. That app had some highly annoying tendencies, such as a never-ending barrage of notifications from the app to connect to the Zenwatch. I would dismiss the alerts, but they would come right back and I could not figure out how to disable them. 2 out of 5 stars.

  • http://www.lidopacific.com jrkraft

    I put $700 Dollars in and now I am returning it and taking $700 out. Do I see a future yes. Blah Blah

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  • Amy

    This is now $249


  • Angus

    First off, I love the Pebble Time! I’m sold mainly because of its long lasting battery (7 days after a single charge), the minimalist UI and its sporty look. I can easily change the watch band with almost full customization. As for the downside, I don’t kinda like the dim screen of the PT as the screen could hardly seen indoors without the back light on. But this is the only complaint.

  • syliz hennington

    what if a woman wanted to wear this jacket? WHY! Is it specifically called a mens jacket. #RUDE #SEXISM IS ALIVE AND WELL!!!!!! Whips non-existant hair even though I’m a woman…and walks away…

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  • Ed Ng

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  • Joseph Murdock

    Some of the features like Heart Rate monitoring or Step Tracking are not the best in terms of accuracy but at the same time, the Sleep tracking is just awesome. Some of the Fitbit’s fitness band review at https://fanreviews.co/fitness-trackers/fitbit-charge-hr does give much better comparison and in-depth coverage of all the fitness tracking activities.

    I think at the given cost, Fitbit Charge HR is still the best in the market with a house full of features. As you say it is a best all-around fitness band.

    It’s a pick for me.

  • Joan Pickering

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