Fitbit Surge spotted on Obama, cycling tracking to come

It can’t hurt to have the President of the United States photographed wearing your product. Such a photo op has certainly garnered attention for Fitbit, whose Surge fitness watch ended up on the wrist of President Obama last week.

Not bad timing for the company, as it announced on Monday that it will add to the device the ability to track cycling activity on at an in-depth level.

“Our users are passionate about fitness and have consistently requested a way to track their outdoor cycling activity. We are delivering this feature on Fitbit Surge for active consumers looking to track and better understand performance during rides, in addition to their other workouts,” said Tim Roberts, VP of Interactive, Fitbit.

“Our goal is to provide users with the tools it takes to track their exercise and reward them for doing the activities they love to do most – like biking and running.”

This firmware update (anticipated later this week) means that multiple trackers can be used on one Fitbit account; the app automatically detects which one of your Fitbits you are wearing. Not lost on us is the underlying implication that, in order to have a fully “fit” life, one ought to buy many different Fitbit devices.

Now, just how long until someone tries to get their hands on the President’s data?

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