Google Fit in the Wild

After the Google Fit SDK being out for a little over two months now, Google’s health platform is now live across devices, marking the beginning of the war of health platforms.


Source: Google Fit.

Source: Google Fit.


As a brief overview of Google Fit, here is what it is, and what it does: Using sensors already on your phone or accompanying device, it can track activities such as running, biking, or walking. Then, users can keep track of their various fitness goals, and see how their results stack up with their activities by week, month, and year. Of course, you can connect third-party apps to Google Fit to pull in information from fitness apps you already use such as Strava, RunKeeper, Withings, etc, though the number of third-party apps that are integrated is limited. Essentially, Google Fit is the accompanying software that works with Android and Android Wear devices, giving a full look at your health activities, or maybe lackthereof.


The release of Google Fit in many ways is Google’s answer to Apple’s Health app and accompanying Health Kit. With the app being out for well over a month, they’ve certainly had a leg up on Google. However, since the Apple Watch won’t be out for another couple of months, there are already plenty of Android Wear users, making the battle come down to more than just software.


The app is available through Google Play for free, as well as already pre-loaded on all Android Wear watches.


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