LG Watch Urbane Smartwatch

Help us review an LG Watch Urbane! Love smartwatches? Love Android? We want to know what you think of the LG Watch Urbane!

So we’re giving one away to a Wearables.com community member to get honest feedback – AND THE WINNER GETS TO KEEP THE WATCH! We receive multiple wearables to test and review and when we’re done we like to give away those wearables to our community to get their honest feedback.

How Does it Work?

Join the community, register for the giveaway, and share to get extra entries! We’ll be naming a winner based on the number of entries and points from our registered community between the dates of June 15 and June 30. That lucky individual will get a free LG Watch Urbane!

We’ll provide you with the type of honest feedback we’re looking for in our review, and you will work with our team to get us the feedback.

Once the review is done, you keep the LG Watch Urbane!

Note: The LG Watch Urbane unit for this giveaway has been used for internal review purposes. You must be a registered Wearables.com community member to sign up for the giveaway. If you have already registered with Wearables.com you must login to your account and still need to register for this specific giveaway (you are not automatically entered into the giveaway). The LG Watch Urbane runs Android Wear operating system. It requires an Android Phone running Android 4.3 or more recent version. We do not provide smartphone required for review. In order to participate you must have the ability to use the LG Watch Urbane with corresponding required Android phone models. Must be 18 years or older to register. Must have a valid US shipping address to participate. Failure to provide feedback on the device will result in a forfeit of the device and a requirement to send the device back to Wearables.com. Joining our community does not guarantee a free LG Watch Urbane or any other device. Wearables.com reserves the right to cancel entry submissions. Wearables.com will choose the device model; winners of the giveaway will not be able to select device model or accessories such as bands. Winners will be notified via email. Any abuse of giveaway or community will result in forfeiture of entry and/or device. We will not share any registrant’s information. You may unsubscribe from our community and email at any point – we promise not to spam! Contact info@wearables.com for questions.

Join the Conversation

  • Jesus

    I’m a over the road truck driver, curious if this LG Urban has what it takes for us on the road.

  • Joey

    I would like to try the new LG watch and see how it is

  • Shane

    I own the Samsung Gear 2, the moto 360, let’s see how LGs iteration stacks up!

  • Jonathan

    Can’t wait to try it, have the gear 2 for a while now, let see what the improvements are.

  • Sean

    I have a gear fit I wear daily along with everything Samsung. I am looking forward to finding a product that can knock their brand from the top of my list

  • Brandon

    Would like to see how this compares to the lg g watch and moto 360

  • Jason

    would love to give this one a try

  • Jeremy

    Haven’t tried a wearable yet love to see how it works

  • Michael

    I have an apple watch, would love to compare it to an android. Use my iPhone 6 for personal and Samsung s6 edge for work.

  • Saul

    I have samsung gear 2 i want to try lg look more like a real physical watch

  • Brian

    I’m excited to get started. Huge fan of Android, own a nexus q, og droid, galaxy nexus, lg g3, and about to purchase a g4.

  • Kenny

    I own the galaxy s6 and the moto360, and would like to see how the LG urban would hold up against the moto 360.

  • Dillon

    I have not yet tried any wearables. I currently have the HTC one(m8) and have a lot of intrest in wearables, I just have not found one that i thought was worth buying. I love watches and the look of the silver LG urbane. I would love to see how it work. Also a huge LG fan and have never been disappointed with any of their products

  • Josh

    This looks amazing! I own an HTC

  • Koushik

    I want one to see if it will work with the note 4

  • Alexander

    How do you know if you win

  • Alexander

    How do know if you won and what time are they drawing a winner

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