Pebble Time Giveaway

Help us review a Pebble Time! Do you Love smartwatches? Do you Love Pebble smartwatches? Do you want to own the best selling smartwatch in crowdfunding history?

Well, we want to know what you think of the newest Pebble watch. So we’re giving one away to a community member to get honest feedback – AND THE WINNER GETS TO KEEP THE PEBBLE TIME! We receive multiple wearables to test and review and when we’re done we like to give away those wearables to our community to get their honest feedback.

How Does it Work?

Join the community, register for the giveaway, and share to get extra entries! We’ll be naming a winner based on the number of entries and points from our registered community between the dates of July 25 and July 30, 2015. That lucky individual will get a free Pebble Time smartwatch!

We’ll provide you with the type of honest feedback we’re looking for in our review, and you will work with our team to get us the feedback!

Once the review is done, we share your review with all our community, and you keep the Pebble Time!

Note: The Pebble Time unit for this giveaway has already been used for internal review purposes. You must be a registered community member to sign up for the giveaway. If you have already registered with you must login to your account and still need to register for this specific giveaway (you are not automatically entered into the giveaway). The Pebble Time runs on both Android and iOS smartphones. It requires an iPhone 4S and above running iOS 8, or an Android device running 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or more recent version. We do not provide the smartphone required for review. In order to participate you must have the ability to use the Pebble Time with a corresponding required iOS or Android smartphone models. Must be 18 years or older to register. Must have a valid continental US shipping address to participate. Failure to provide feedback on the device will result in a forfeit of the device and a contractual obligation to send the device back to, without any refund or expense coverage. Joining our community does not guarantee a free Pebble Time or any other device. reserves the right to cancel entry submissions. will choose the device model; winners of the giveaway will not be able to select device model or accessories such as bands. Winners will be notified via email and must respond their acceptance within 24 hours. If no response is received within that time period we will cancel the prize and award to another community member. Any abuse of giveaway or community will result in forfeiture of entry and/or device. We will not share any registrant’s information. You may unsubscribe from our community and email at any point – we promise not to spam! Contact for questions.

Join the Conversation

  • Satoru

    Pebble giveaway?

  • Kyle

    I had money set aside for a pebble time, but i had to use it to divorce my wife! I would do anything to get one! I love my pebble, but its time for an upgrade! Please help, pick me!

  • joshua

    Had the original for quite some time and I have to say that this watch doesn’t fail. The battery life is amazing, the e-paper display is awesome even in the sunlight, and overall the use of this smart watch is amazing. Pebble doesn’t fail to succeed in what they want to achieve. This particular brand I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable smart watch in the market

  • Damein

    Can’t wait to get it

  • Quinton

    I am a professional writer, have an OG Pebble, and love technology. Seems to me like I am a solid candidate for this. Plus, I really want one. 🙂

  • Coop

    I’ve never had one but would love to have a smartwatch! I love technology!

  • Dustin

    Oh how badly I want one, it’s crazy how much I love New technology and how epic it can be.

  • Balmore

    Free watch I need one of these awesome watches

  • Jebari

    Smartwatches are the next best thing to cell phones. Everything is at a glance instead of fumbling through pockets or purses. Why wasn’t this thought of first.

  • Angel

    I’d always wanted to try a smart watch, they are most likely bound to be the next biggest thing, I’m the type of person to absolutely love technology, both inside and out of the product.

  • John

    Always wanted to try a smart watch. Only problem is that most of them have short battery life. And I’m hoping this new pebble will not dissapoint.

  • Bill

    I love wearing watches and kind of a watch snob. But I been looking for a while for a watch that I can wear with out taking it off and will take a beating. I’m a chef so it need to be able to with stand a good amount of abuse. Fingers crossed.

  • Jeremie

    I would love to have one of these.

  • Ryan

    would love to try one of these out, luck be with me

  • Evan

    I ended up buying an original pebble instead of the pebble time because of the concerns I had about the Time and iOS. I’d love the opportunity to but those concerns to the test through a review unit, and share my results with everyone.

  • Fezz

    I’ve always been uncertain about a smartwatch…I guess I’ll just have to give it a try

  • Jacob

    Very cool

  • Alexander

    I want a pebble time SO MUCH!!! it’s in my birthday wish list. My birthday’s in November.

  • Mitchell

    I can’t live the house without my pebble steel one of the best smartch if not the best, pebble rocks!

  • Bryan

    This would be a great watch to have and review

  • Justin

    I think it would make a good smart watch. I have the samsung gear s and I love that. But I would love to have one of the new pebble watchs. I had one of the older pebble smart watchs but this one is a pretty good watch.

  • Riley

    It would be awesome to review and keep one of these sweet watches!

  • Jamie

    love them pebbles

  • Zack

    Really wouldn’t mind getting one of these awesome watches!!! Would be more than happy to review!!!

  • Rik

    Very nice! Hope to write the review!

  • Clark


  • Daniel

    Would love to test out this tech

  • Wesley

    Really wanna test this out!

  • Michael

    Same here I’ll love tech test

  • Alvee

    Looks better then i watch….

  • Derrik

    I am confused, I thought the contest ended on July 30th per the terms ^. Why are they still excepting entries?

  • Adam
    I agree that the Moto 360 made me jump too. But I’d rather have this than a moto!!

  • Adam

    I’d really really like to review this device as a student and demonstrate how it can be useful to college students like myself. Please let me have it. I also e-mailed you with a very personal story and never heard back. Thanks

  • Ckay_2

    I think it would be an amazing watch, actually I know its an amazing watch because my dad owns one. I have been saving up and just can’t get enough so I search Pebble Giveaway and found this, I am aware that it is August 24th but I thought “Hey, may as well try.” The one my dad has is a Pebble time, I think. I know it is a great watch because I know that it has many fun and customizable watchlist faces. And I know it gets notifications from things such as Instagram, messaging, Facebook, and tons more! I happen to use those things a lot and think it would be cool to have. I think it is flawless. Some people think that the fact that it tells you when you are getting calls and doesn’t let you answer them is a flaw. I completely disagree! If I had an Iwatch I would not use that part (answering) for a couple of reasons but I will give you one. I don’t want to talk into my watch, in public, people would stare at you like you were a freak. I think the watch is amazing. I also like the way charges, if you are running out the door and need to throw your watch on the charger, it is better because you just stick it in the right area and then, BOOM, it magneticly sticks and charges. My last reason is that it is not big like the apple watch. Its just the right size to fit what it needs and stay comfortable. I think it would be a privelage to be able to wear and show off the amazing Pebble Time. Thank you for your time

    Carter Kay

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