The Secret’s Out: Misfit Partners with Victoria’s Secret

Looking to capitalize on cross-branding opportunities during this holiday season, and in preparation for Black Friday, Misfit Wearables announced their partnership with Victoria’s Secret for an exclusive pink Misfit Shine.


The exclusive Pink-colored Misfit Shine.  Source: Misfit Wearables.

The exclusive Pink-colored Misfit Shine.
Source: Misfit Wearables.

With a simple circular watch face that doesn’t have really any design on it, the Misfit Shine is easily brandable with various companies. Recently we saw Coke do a similar brand partnership with Misfit, creating an exclusive red Shine, as a part of Coke’s efforts to seem like a more health-conscious brand. Following in the success of their previous partnership, Misfit has decided to do a similar partnership with Victoria’s Secret. While Victoria’s Secret is primarily known for their women’s lingerie and undergarments, the company has recently expanded their product line to include everything from sweaters to exercise clothing. So with the expansion into exercise and fitness, a specially branded Victoria’s Secret Shine would fall perfectly into that growing sector of their business.
As far as actually acquiring this exclusive version of the Shine, the device is only available as a gift with purchase at select participating stores, and online here. In the meantime, check out this video of some of Misfit’s favorite Angels using their Shine as they go about their exercise regimen to help consumers “train like an angel”:



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