Volkswagen Apple Watch app will keep tabs on your teen driver

Sorry, kids. Life just got a little tougher for you (and perhaps a bit safer for the rest of us). Some of Volkswagen’s standard “smart” features have been optimized for the Apple Watch. Specifically, the Car-Net system and its corresponding app.

The aforementioned “smart” features have been built into VW models since the 2014 year. With Car-Net’s Apple Watch rollout, the handy, parent-approved app will now alert the user when a driver in the family hits a certain speed or leaves a particular location boundary. Notifications will go to any Apple Watch paired with the iPhone, thereby doubling your chances of getting busted.

Other features of the Car-Net system that will be available on the Apple Watch app include temperature, location, and car battery information. VW has not confirmed when the app will be available for download.

VW's Car-Net app update includes an app for the Apple Watch.

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