Wear Thync to Enter Into a New State of Mind

Standard morning rituals for what seems nearly every American almost always includes a cup of coffee or tea. Thync wants to change that mood-altering dependence, with a device that seems somewhat similar to electroshock therapy, albeit in a way that doesn’t fry your brain.


Thync founders Isy Goldwasser and Dr. Jamie Tyler.  Source: Thync.

Thync founders Isy Goldwasser and Dr. Jamie Tyler.
Source: Thync.


The wearable mood-altering device has been in top-secret lockup for over 3 years, without an actual image of the device yet to surface. All the secrecy aside, the idea of applying safe and intelligent neuroscience into wearables could be an exciting prospect. The idea behind Thync is to use neurosignaling waveforms to the brain to help alter moods or a person’s state of mind. Besides using it for energy, Thync also says that it could be used to enter a more focused headspace, or simply calm down. As Jaimie Tyler puts it, the company’s co-founder, Thync won’t replace that cup of coffee, but it could be a chemical-free alternative that can be used daily.


The company could be bringing the device to market relatively soon, considering they have locked down $13 million in funding since their inception from lead investor Khosla Ventures. However, with such a disruptive product, there are plenty of hurdles to overcome before it will be available to the public. The FDA will be given input once the final product is actually finished, which is still unsure at this point.



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