How Jiff’s healthcare technology platform incentivizes employees

Jiff wants to revolutionize the “one-size-fits-all” approach to employer healthcare benefits.

The Palo Alto company, whose board includes entrepreneur Stan Chudnovsky and Jiff co-founder James Currier, is using wearables to gamify employee health progress with personalized incentives. To date, Jiff has raised nearly $26 million.

Jiff’s enterprise health benefits platform saves employers money by organizing and curating relevant vendors for each employee. The program allows employees to choose what wearables (FitBit, JawBone, Apple Watch) will suit their lifestyles, all of which can be purchased through Jiff’s online store. Jiff then gives employees incentives to use those wearables on a regular basis. If employees meet their goals, they receive rewards like vouchers and credit toward healthcare costs.

Not only does Jiff customize its platform for each company it works with, but each company can customize rewards for employees. For instance, the incentives given to an employee with diabetes may look nothing like those assigned to a non-diabetic. “All employees are different, so incentives should be, too — and Jiff is the only platform that allows employee-level personalization,” said Bryan Roberts of Venrock, the venture capital firm that led Jiff’s Series B fundraising round.

Right now, over 300,000 employees have access Jiff’s services. Jiff CEO Derek Newell recently told Fortune that workforce adoption rates range from 50 to 80 percent. Companies that currently use Jiff include Activision Blizzard, Henry Schien, Red Bull and Qualcomm.

Let’s hope that healthy employees are happy employees. After all, happy employees are productive to boot.

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  • Jeffrey Vi

    Our company uses Jiff and I would not recommend them. Not only does their app have some glitches, they can’t ship products ordered from them on time. I ordered a wearable because they had it at a good price. Although they charged my credit card right away, it is over a week later (with no communication) and it still is not shipped. The only way to contact them is through a message through their web site. I sent them a message, but still do not have the product or a reply. Right now, I am looking at a least a 2 week time-frame from order to delivery, even if they ship it today. Had I known that, I would have skipped them and ordered from Amazon for a couple dollars more. As for their web app, it was developed for the phone so it has limited functionality. There has to be better options for companies with real people who understand customer service.

    • theyfly

      I agree totally. I’ve only used it for a week, but I find the user interface very difficult to navigate and the web app is terrible (slow, buggy, not intuitive at all, …). Seems like functionality is missing or something.

      Just as an example, I have a Microsoft Band 2, but it’s not supported so I enter data manually. A nuisance, but that’s fine.

      Second, I need to track food to get “points”. It states Google Fit as one of the supported applications, so I download and install it, it then proceeds to a sync page that is blank? Doesn’t list Google Fit. So I manually select the “+” to add Google Fit, but the “+” doesn’t do anything. So I backup and say that I now have a tracking app, but that list doesn’t include Google Fit? Very strange.

      So far it’s been a frustrating week with a difficult to use application.